The Lecelliermdr had nearly everything you can think of in order to make your very own beers and wines from the comfort of your own home. They had a massive selection of kits, equipment, and ingredients Рmore than any other provider in the area.

I really liked how highly trained and experienced in the art of making beer and wine their staff was. They not only had the knowledge but were more than eager to share it. More often than not, the most difficult part of making beers and wines is trying to decide on the style you wanted to pursue. This is another area that the Olde Country Winery staff excelled at.

What I liked best was that if you ever got overwhelmed at home, you could simply pick up the phone and call the winery to get the scoop on what to do next. I never got stumped thanks to their help. The also had classes on making your own wine, which was rad!

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