Common problems in single serve coffee maker

A Single Serve Coffee Maker is the best type of coffee machine for all those coffee lovers out there who need a fresh cup of coffee every day in the morning before leaving for office. Since we don’t have time to wait for the coffee to brew for a long period of time, single serve coffee makers come in handy and offers you a freshly brewed coffee in just 3-4 minutes. It is versatile, convenient and quick and probably one of the best coffee machines out there but all is not sunshine. It has a few drawbacks too which makes you consider other coffee machines if you are really serious about your coffee.

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Some of the most frequent problems associated with a single serve coffee maker are:

  1. Minerals build up inside the coffee machine

One of the most common problems with a single serve coffee machine is that since the water remains in the water reservoir for a long time, there are chances that there might be minerals deposit inside the water reservoir and the machine. This would affect the working of the machine and will cause the taste of the coffee to suffer too.

  1. Water reservoir is too small

One of the major challenges that a user faces once they have bought a single serve coffee machine is that the water reservoir is too small so after 1 or 2 cups of coffee, you need to refill it again. This becomes a tedious task for regular coffee drinkers as they have to fill the water reservoir in every 2-3 hours. Some single serve machine doesn’t even have a water reservoir so you have to fill the water every time before a brew which tends to elongate the whole process.

Less brewing options

Most of the single serve coffee makers come with a few brew settings only. They don’t offer you a wide variety and can be a serious disadvantage for people who like to try different brew settings. Some machines also offer you smaller brew sizes which are not able to fill a coffee mug properly too.

Small coffee basket

Another major drawback with a single serve coffee machine is that they don’t have a big basket to put in ground coffee enough for a decent amount of coffee. If you want a large cup of coffee or a stronger coffee taste, then you have no choice as you can put only 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee inside the coffee basket. With such a filter basket, you can’t even make one decent cup of coffee for yourself and have to brew your coffee again and again.

Pods or capsules are costly and not easily available

Different single serve coffee makers use different methods of brewing coffee. Some use a coffee pod or a coffee capsule and some use ground coffee. There are many coffee machines which use K-cups which although provide you with a variety of options but are quite costly too. It is difficult to find coffee machines which use a reusable option which makes it expensive and hard to find appropriate coffee refill options.

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